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The Truth Behind The Labeling Of Organic Foods

By   March 20, 2015

The truth being labeling, of our foods, can be over whelming at times. For example some farmers will label their produce “organic” when really there not.

Why would anyone do this?

To make more money when they sell their produce. Everyone knows organic products cost more money. So to rake in the profit, some farmer might mislabel the product.

So how can any one really make sure that their product is truly organic and not just a lie? Well, you need to look for the USDA (United States Agriculture Department) organic seal on the product. If you see this label then you know that the farm has undergone the strict requirements to use this label.

What exactly does the USDA organic seal mean to you and me?

USDA Organic Label

The USDA have strict rules and regulations in places that a farmer must follow in order to us the USDA organic seal. Their are a few types of seals that determine the level or organicness of a particular product.


If the product contains the USDA 100% organic seal, then you can be sure that it has nothing but organic goodness in your food.

If the product is label simply as USDA organic then it only contains 95% organic produce and the remaining 5% can contain non-organic additives. Usually, this is used in prepackaged foods like canned products.

The final label is the USDA made with organic foods, this is where 70 – 94% of the food is organic.

If a farmer labels their product as USDA organic and they are not, they can face hefty fines. Plus, they can have the license revoked so they cant sell organic foods without going through the whole approval process again.

Why are USDA organic foods always more expensive?

Foods produce by the means of organic farming cost more because they are harder to make. They cant use all thous artificial chemicals or additives to make their produce grow faster. So organic farmers crops tend to be smaller and take longer to grow.

The benefit of this is that you know that you wont be ingesting any pesticides in your food. I don't know about you but when I eat my food I don't really want to eat some crazy named chemicals.