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Jack Russell Terriers Are Great Companions!

By   March 22, 2015

Jack Russell Terriers undoubtedly are a very popular pet today. Jack Russell terriers were hunting dogs that chased foxes. They were later also used for hunting other prey, just like rats, rabbits and badgers. JRTs tend to be mostly white with tan patches. If you are thinking of buying a jack Russell terrier, you can visit british grit site.

JRTs are very enthusiastic dogs and require lot of exercise to burn their tremendous energy. Both the rough cover and smooth coat JRTs shed hair and should be groomed regularly. Because of their small size, many owners make the mistake of thinking they might be low maintenance dogs.

Jack Russell terrier should be given plenty of work in order to keep them busy. JRTs are known to possess a mischievous character. A lot of the common problem behaviors with JRTs are lack of control and guarding resources, woofing, jumping up on individuals, hyperactivity and digging. On the other hand, most of these troubles emerge because owners don't understand the right way to train this breed and how they should be treating their JRT.

Some owners attempt to pamper their dog excessive and treat it as being a baby, but with the JRT, this can often lead to the dog losing respect for your owner. JRTs need firm but friendly leadership from other owners. If you want to know more about them, you can search the internet for the information.