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We Offer A Lifetime Guarantee At The CCRS

By   March 18, 2015

There are many factors that may affect your vision throughout your lifetime. Factors like genetic, nature of work, weather and health conditions play a major factor when it comes to optimum functioning of our eye sight. For these reasons then we do not offer a lifetime guarantee but a life time plan. Mostly if a center offers a lifetime guarantee without backing it up with a plan then it is unrealistic. Mostly, they do so for marketing purposes. A normal person will be limited to a number of laser correction surgeries and for some, with even one procedure, they are okay and fit. We assure all our clients a lifetime plan that is accompanied by regular checkups at discounted prices. You will be given various options that you can choose by Dr. Paul C. Lee at our west coast clinic.

You will be given proper attention and faster services since you are a loyal client and with well-trained expertise that we have, soon your eyes’ problems will be a past. You can find here the best insights on the latest plans that you will be offered by our experts. We care, so do you. So don't waste your time anymore and hop in to CCRS Clear Vision.