By   January 16, 2015

Architectural approaches to provision of IT applications. Portal based application development is a better way of delivering web based applications than the traditional program development methodology. Dan Kaufman says Portal based development provides the smallest distinct application possible (Portlet) which includes Presentation, business layers & knowledge layers. The portal framework & architecture supports this, within a highly flexible application delivery mechanism.

Because these building blocks are loosely coupled & highly configurable, it is possible to make use of them in plenty of applications & potentially within plenty of parts of a single application. The potential for re-use is substantial. In addition the cost of developing portal based applications is potentially lower due to the fact portal platforms provide frameworks, architectures & portlets common to all applications. If the total cost of possession is thought about, the cost of maintenance & modification to the application delivered must be included & the cost of modifying & maintaining a portal based application is lower as modification can be made purely through configuration than redevelopment.

This is new know-how & does have some obstacles. It is changing, it includes some additional security risk, it includes upfront costs for portal platforms & standards are yet to be ratified providing platform dependencies. You can also get more details online.


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