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Safari From Mombasa to Malindi

By   March 12, 2015

On a recent Kenya safari we drove from the port city of Mombasa up to Malindi, a journey of approximately 120km, on perhaps one of the most scenic coastal drives in Africa.  Leaving the hustle, bustle of Mombasa behind we cruised north and soon we were out in the countryside, running parallel to the sparkling Indian Ocean.  Coconut plantations were abundant for as far as the eye could see, these towering palms laden with delicious coconuts, ripening in the hot sun.  From coconuts to sisal plantations, these cactus like plants reached down to the roadside and were being harvested by the local farmers.  Giant mango trees blossomed as we navigated the coastline, their rich burgundy/golden flowers waiting to be pollinated.  Papaya trees bearing big juicy fruits were being cultivated in most homesteads and banana trees cover every square inch of rich soil.  As well as the many fruits growing in abundance, nearly every village that we passed had herds of goats and cows sheltering from the hot sun under the shade of the trees.

Birds soared above the plantations sometimes swooping down and then climbing high again, circling on an overhead thermal.  Brightly coloured birds sat on the telegraph poles or power lines that ran along the road, beautiful birds, and their iridescent feathers glittered in the sun.  Birds of prey perched on top of the wooden poles, a great vantage point for them to scour the ground in search of a tasty morsel.  Small villages ran alongside the road, traditional mud huts with thatched roofs, children playing outside in the dust.  Shops straddled the highway, music blaring from massive speakers.  These shops sell virtually everything that you may possibly need, including the much loved Coke and Fanta, which no matter where you travel, seems to be available everywhere.  All the time that we were driving the warm wind was blowing and the hot sun was shining down on us, what a wonderful Kenya Safari to North Coast Kenya.

Activities to Do in Mnemba Island Zanzibar on Valentines Day

By   January 23, 2015

Mnemba Island located just two kilometers north east of Unguja Island happens to be amongst the best known secluded and most private destinations internationally. It is a perfect choice for honeymoons and such love occasions as valentine season. Newlyweds and lovebirds will enjoy it here especially because it takes away all the worries of back at home and work happenings and ensures they focus only on that intimate moment. Mnemba Island offers exactly that privacy. It has world class bandas, ten in number, constructed by the beach using the famous Makuti Thatching (coconut palms) which gives it a great African look. To spend your honeymoon or Valentine Day in Mnemba Island Zanzibar Tanzania, contact a reputable travel company to organize everything for you. There is this company called Tanzania Tours and Safaris that I recommended to a friend of my family who was planning for a wedding. He contacted the manager who was very professional in organizing the honeymoon for the new couple. The budget was manageable and when the time came for the tour, the company handled it very professionally. They really enjoyed their six days stay in Mnemba Island Lodge.

Now that the Island is this small and the only visible attraction being the Mnemba Island Lodge, I believe you are wondering what you can actually do to kill time and still have the fun you are expecting. Relax! What brings you to this little Island is what determines how your fun will be like. Since it is best suited for lovebirds, then it is as simple as come, relax, and do completely nothing but enjoy! You obliviously need time with each other and intimacy is the key thing here. The Lodge offers very comfortable and spacious indoor and outdoor features that will ensure the comfort you need with each other. Since human beings are meant to work in order to eat, then you are allowed to get out of the lodge and go to the sea just nearby. Go and scuba dive or snorkel. Most probably these packages are included in your budget. If not, there is a diving centre to cater for all this. You can also go for kayaking, dhow rides, fly fishing and wind surfing. You could join up a fishing team to capture the days catch which could be Tuna, Barracuda, Kingfhish, Marlin, Mackerel or Sailfish. By the time you are expiring your  Valentine Holiday at Mnemba Island in Zanzibar Tanzania, you will have had all the fun you need for both of you.