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Why The Selfie Stick Craze Is Here To Stay

By   March 7, 2015

With over one million selfies taken per day it is easy to see how the selfie stick has become such a huge success over the last 6 months in particular. I first heard of the selfie stick when watching some snow boarding videos on youtube and I thought it looked pretty silly at first to be honest. But when I saw the POV camera from the selfie stick it actually took some really great angles. Most of the selfie sticks now are bluetooth and have a remote so all you have to do is pair your phone to the selfie stick and point and shoot!

The next thing in the selfie stick world I am hoping for is one designed specifically for surfers. I do a lot of surfing and would love to be able to catch some shots love on a wave. I know I can use the standard selfie stick but it is not easy to paddle whilst holding that in your hand let me tell you! They are definitely here to stay and seem to be getting more and more popular and socially acceptable. I am fully on the selfie stick bandwagon anyway and got my very own stick from

Advanced Tools Used to Study Optical Properties

By   February 17, 2015

There are many specialized devices which are used for measuring the thickness of a film. There are number of optical instruments that provide an easy solution to find the exact thickness of a thin film and thick coating thickness. These solutions are very useful for studying the interior surface behavior of a thin film. These solutions are also very helpful in determining the alloy concentration across the surface.

Film thickness gauge is one of the most useful device that helps to measures the dimension of film and comes with many other features. It registers the film thickness and measures the refractive index of film up to five layers. It is also capable of handling different geometry as well as mapping patterns for example square linear, polar etc.

This gauge is used in many applications such as LCD, semiconductor fabrication, optical coatings, biological materials etc. It also contains array based detector which is helpful in making the measurement process much faster.

Various scientists uses an instrument called UV visible spectrophotometer for studying the optical properties of a substance. This tool is best suited for examining refractive index and real time spectra. The main advantage of this tool is that it is easy to operate and it has a small table design at the top. Even this tool has a special feature of two-dimensional and three-dimensional output graphics and it can be modified for any particular applications.